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About NcN

2008-10-22 16:24:30 by FaiZX

NcN is a Megaman Forum, Heres the link:

NcN V4 Link

About JPfreak Tutorials

2008-10-18 01:19:38 by FaiZX

the JPfreak Tutorials are mostly going to be on Forum codes, so they come in handy then ^^!

My 1st Tutorial

2008-10-17 23:28:45 by FaiZX

Yep, my 1st tutorial! Wish me luck : D!

Also, im really anxious that this is the first good flash made on CS3 by me. I can not wait.

Oh by the way, heres the forum that was shown in the tutorial:
[url]http://navicreatornetworkv4.ipbfr ee.com[/url]

I am jpfreak. So stop by if you get the chance, its a good forum!

My 1st Tutorial

The FAIL collab

2008-09-22 16:03:07 by FaiZX

Signup is now closed. Participants have till next wendsday to send me a flash


The FAIL collab

Results are in!

2008-09-15 21:43:05 by FaiZX

It got blammed. good news, it was on for 1hr and 6mins. ah well, 2morro is me starting a new project.

Developing the Benny Hill Thing

2008-09-15 20:07:06 by FaiZX

God its really been awhile since ive done this.. letsee my progress:

About 220 frames and 18 seconds in 3hours... omg this sucks.. but heres a preview:

I honestly think its gonna be blammed mabey 40mins after being on newgrounds.
*crosses fingers*

Developing the Benny Hill Thing

Problems. Solved.

2008-09-15 15:23:32 by FaiZX

Good News! Ive finally got a Flash Player (ironacally its Macromedia Flash Pro 8) Now lets see here *reads manual*

.....2 hours later.....

@_@ and.. thething.. goes F6 and.. omg...

.....5 mins later.....

Ok! Now im ready!

More.. Guess what? Problems

2008-09-14 18:07:52 by FaiZX

I still yet have to get a flash maker, im gonna download MFP 8 soon, but then i have to buy it.. anyone got any ideas on getting one for free cuz im still stuck.


2008-08-26 02:36:44 by FaiZX

Well.. I made MSM during a flash course at my community collage.. im thinking about making a MSM 3 but i need some ideas... Help me out?

I want to continue MegaStick man, but im also going to re-invent him. So any ideas are welcome imo.

p.s. Random Creation, go ahead and use it if you want: http://faizx.tacoshark.co.cc/404.swf


2008-07-03 14:31:38 by FaiZX

Until i get better, im gonna be a rater 4 awhile! YAY1